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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sugar Challenge ... fml

I'm doing a Sugar Challenge this week. Starting today, Lea Anne, Shea and I are only having 15g a sugar a day. Considering my usual cup of coffee in the morning has 3 tea spoons of sugar, which equals out to 12 lovely grams of sugar in one awesome cup of coffee. Probably why it makes me so happy in the morning. Today I had 1/2 a teaspoon... which makes about 2g of sugar. I'm off to a good start! Right?! ........
These kids are TESTING my patience already too. So far there has been screaming, door slamming, fit throwing, and refusals to eat breakfast. Thats pretty damn amazing for before 8:30am. 

Lord help me make it through the day without beating anyone. Amen.

So, today is the 12 year anniversary of 9/11. I would love nothing more than to watch the news this morning. However, Mickey Mouse and Doc Mc Stuffins and Sophia The First will dominate the freaking TV till lunch time where I change it to my Fox News to watch Live! With Megyn Kelly. I watched the retard we have as president give a speech last night on why we should bomb Syria... and he had a booger up his nose whistling the whole time... I asked Allen... "Is it just me, or does he have an Eagle in cave one?" ... We watch too much The Love Guru apparently. It was funny though. Anyways... He keeps talking about how he doesn't want to put boots on the ground over there, but what he doesn't realize is that there will be boots on the ground. Most likely over here though. If we bomb them, they're probably going to do something to retaliate. Whether it's against our troops who are already fighting overseas, or against US here at home with people who have been living here like those little Jack Asses who did the Boston Bombings. Unfortunately the only way to bomb them and not have them retaliate is to drop a damn atom bomb on their asses. I mean, what would us bombing them do anyways? Other than kick the ant hill and piss them off at us even more. It's not going to sway the Civil War they're having... Whatever we decide to do, that civil war is going to continue, and it's none of OUR business. ...... OK I'm done with that.

So, I got on the scale this morning and I'm down to 144.4. which is AWESOME considering Monday when I got on, It was 145.6. I burned 739 calories yesterday at Curves and then we had Subway for dinner... and for some reason, I felt the need to get on my treadmill after dinner.. So I ran 1.3 miles. That shit is like running in sand. The belt slips a lot when you are running, so it moves forward a little before it goes back... yeah, A LOT like sand. Allen and I have decided that we're going to run in the afternoons on the beach too. Not in the mornings because we like to walk on the shoreline and pick shit up. haha I'm so glad our Hotel is RIGHT ON THE BEACH. We'll be able to wake up, have our coffee, and be out on the sand before the sun comes up. I can't even stress how excited I am to be going back. If we could live at the beach like, permanently we would. Allen has even been talking to the company men he works with in the oil field about positions open in other areas... there are a few positions open in Corpus, but he needs a little more experience under his belt before anything like that happens. Like 2 more years of experience. ugh...

Well... I have to get off here now.. I have to do some Maid Of Honor recon. 
Looking up bridal shows and getting stuff lined up!