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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Plateau.... You Suck.

31 days till my 28th Birthday!!!! 

I'm so excited. Now that we have the tax crap taken care of, Allen and I are planning our trip to the coast for our 1 year anniversary! :-D Everyone says the first year is the hardest.... seriously? It FLEW by! I guess when you're married to your best friend it's not much work. 

I'm extremely excited! We usually stay in a little motel that is right next door to this place, and every time we pass by we talk about how "Someday" we'll get to stay there. I had no idea it was so inexpensive during the Fall Season! I almost wanted to call them and ask if they were joking on the website. It'll be an efficiency room, but it's got a full kitchen set up, which is what we really need. I don't want to eat out the whole time we're there. So we're going to hit up the local grocery store, buy a few things we need for a few days... milk, eggs, salad stuff..chicken... maybe we'll catch some fish or something?! who knows! I'm just excited that we can actually go! 

We HAVE to change the oil in my vehicle before we go, and hopefully get the stupid suspension fixed...finally. 
If not, We might have to take Allen's work truck because I really don't want my freaking wheel flying off while driving on the interstate. The dang tool to press the ball joints into place is almost as expensive as all the parts we need. O_o It'll pay for itself with the first suspension side job Allen gets, but that's IF he gets one any time soon. 

I'm super annoyed right now the the lack of weight loss going on. I'm not over eating, I'm not cheating on my diet... a lot. (a few oreos a day to kill my sweet tooth, by a few I mean like 3.) I'm eating a lot more healthy, and drinking a lot more water,... Not to mention I BUSTED ASS at Curves last week. I went EVERY day... and burned a SHIT ton of calories! I made Lea Anne check my body fat and I've lost a pound of body fat... but my actual weight on the scale is going from losing one to gaining one. I can't freaking break this dang plateau. I don't know how much I'll get to go to Curves this week since Allen's schedule is really freaking stupid. He goes in at 10, (meaning he leaves at 8:45) and gets off at 6 (Gets home around 7:30.) So, unless my mom comes and sits with the kids I'll not be going. He's off on Friday.. By the Grace of God... unless they decide to pump this weekend... then he'll be working this weekend again. O_o NEXT WEEK though, He goes in from 5am-1pm so I'll fa SHO be going every day next week too before I have to get Jacob from school. I have to weigh and measure on the 9th-ish so I need to squeeze as much in between now and then as I can. I just don't know whats going on with this stupid ass plateau. I haven't even been drinking my sweet tea like usual! 

Well... I have to get to the bank.. get out the other half of rent and take it to my landlord. Better get off here and go deal with putting the car seats back into the car. O_o blah.