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Thursday, September 19, 2013

600 Calories Today... Not Too Bad

Allen and I went yesterday to San Antonio for his Great Grandmother's funeral... It was a nice service. I was slightly annoyed at one point, and I don't know if it was just me... or if anyone else was annoyed by it as well... I sat in the front next to Allen's Grandma... it was her mom who passed away... She asked me to sit with her because Allen was asked to be a Pallbearer, which was super cool... Anyways... so the service was over, and the people would line up and pay their last respects to Agnes... and then walk over to the family and give condolences and whatnot... well Allen's Grandma's brother was first in the pew, then his wife.. and then Allen's Grandma. They'd walk to her brother, his wife, and then turn around and leave. Now... I know that a lot of the people that came were from Her brother's wife's family... and I understand that her brother's wife was very close to Agnes... but shit. It was HER mom too. It just kind of rubbed me the wrong way. Other than that, it was a very nice service... the burial site was super nice minus the 390 air planes that went over in a 20 minute time period. I'm aware they can't control air planes... I'm just sayin... 
Like I said earlier, Allen got to be a Pallbearer. He said it was very hard to do it, but he was happy to do it at the same time because he got to be apart of her service. He for some reason, wasn't able to attend his Great Grandpa's funeral so it made him feel really good to be involved in this one. Plus he got to leave his boutonniere on her casket when it was lowered down.  
OK... enough of that, 
Foggy Smoggy San Antonio

Today is a 600 calorie day... and I have a plan this time. I had an egg for breakfast, 80 calories. I'll be having some chicken breast and a small potato (no butter or anything) for 210 calories, and then some pasta and marinara sauce for dinner for 300 calories. I'll be sittin pretty at 590 calories for the day! Tuesday when I did this I lost a pound. Yesterday I kind of ate shitty... but It was unavoidable considering the circumstances. 

Allen's mom has a super cool coffee maker... she's got one of those Keurig machines. It looks nice... makes coffee fast... has neat flavors... but I can't hang. I need my regular coffee pot guys. LOL I like putting 6 scoops for 5 cups of water... We've been told our coffee is so strong it could stand without a cup. With my kids... we need it like that. haha I'll stick with my Black and Decker 25$ machine that I have to do everything with. I'm ok with that. Don't get me wrong, the Keurig is fast... and pretty cool looking.. and less to clean up it seems... but those little cups are... well... little. haha 

Ethan is wearing undies right now... and he better get up and use the potty if he needs to. I'm so dang tired of diapers I could scream. This kid will be just at 3 months. He's stubborn and lazy and I'm annoyed. Hailey needs to get the heck out of diapers at night! She thinks it's ok to just sleep in diapers for the rest of her life. O_O NO... no it's not. My money needs to go to other things other than diapers. Like you know, food and gas. Gas isn't super expensive here right now... we paid 3.14 a gallon yesterday... But I remember when it was 2.14. gah dang man. 
I remember when putting 10$ in my car would give it half a tank. 20$ would just about fill it up. ugh

Jacob is about to lose his first top tooth... it's super freaking loose. I'm thinking maybe,.... 1 to 2 days max. Especially if he keeps jacking with it the way he has been. We'll see I guess. He's being really brave about this one too... no crying or anything yet. haha we'll see what happens when we're actually pulling it.