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Monday, September 23, 2013

So Much Going On.

I haven't posted in a few days, and there has been a lot that's irritated me over the past few days, so please, bare with me. haha 
First.. My Amazon store is GROWING! I have tons of stuff in there. Check it out for sure. Also, If you're looking to make a little extra money by doing nothing other than sitting on your computer, sign up with Survey Savvy. 
You basically take surveys for money. They don't flood your mail box with trash and crap either which is my favorite part. I get like, 1 survey a week or sometimes go a week without getting anything. You take 5-20 minute surveys for 50cents up to 20$. The surveys are about random crap.. shopping, electronics, online shopping vs. store shopping. Simple things. I've got about 28$ saved up in my account so far... You can request a payment whenever you want, and they send it in the form of a check to your house. I'm not cashing out till I get 100$. 

Yesterday we went to get Hailey some new shoes, and I've come to realize that she's definitely the diva I never was. After trying on about 14 pairs of shoes she finally decided on 2 she liked. A pair of Minnie Mouse sneakers, and the most sparkly pair of little flats she could find. 
Yep... and here it is, 7:59am and she's already wearing them. It came down to either these, or a pair of bright pink boots. She's already informed me that when daddy gets paid, we have to go back and get the boots. ayy yi yi. 
So... if you haven't watched the last season of Dexter, I suggest you not read this next paragraph.. Because there may be some spoilers that you don't want to read or see. 
I'm so freaking disappointed with how they ended this series. Allen got me HOOKED around season 4. We watched 1-4 on Netflix and then kept Showtime around on the months that Dexter was showing... I feel like this last season was a giant waste of my life. Seriously. I mean, To end a series is one thing.. I understand wanting to go out while ratings are super high... but why do it in the lamest way possible? They were saying "it's going to be emotionally satisfying" well I call bullshit. Nothing about that ending was satisfying. To kill off one of the BEST characters in the damn series!? SERIOUSLY?! not happy. I feel like they rushed it and didn't really give a lot of thought to the fans. O_o

So, I got my second dumbbell yesterday. Somehow I had lost one in the move from the old house. So I haven't been able to start the workout Lea Anne made for me. I'll start it today though. I'm pretty excited. As of the other day I was down 3.5 pounds. Pretty crazy what a new diet can do for you. This 600 calorie diet is not easy... Thank God it's only 2 days a week. Tuesdays and Thursdays are my angry days. hahaha 

Yesterday Allen and I cleaned out my SUV... It's only been a year coming. jeez. It wasn't too bad. It's amazing how dirty kids can get leather though. Also... The other day, Allen, the kids and I were walking around at WalMart picking up a few food things we needed, and 25 mins into the trip he comes to me and says "You know whats funny?" we're at walmart... I'm thinking he's about to point someone out to me. "What?" I said.... and then he goes "Your shirts on inside out." 
I was going to just try to hide it by taking my hair out of the pony tail and hiding the tag in it... but there was also a tag on the side of the shirt. Moral of the story... Never put clothes on directly out of the dryer when you're in a rush.. and NEVER count on your husband to let you NOT look stupid in public. Thanks for that. 

Oh! yesterday I got the prettiest birthday gift ever from my mom and step dad. It's a sterling silver necklace with a sand dollar pendant on it. The sand dollar is a cast of a real sand dollar too, but with original artwork done by the guy that makes them here in San Angelo. It'll be the perfect necklace to wear when we go to the beach in a few weeks. <3 

Jacob lost his first big front tooth the other day! He was so excited! There was quiet a bit of blood so he was a little.... iffy at first, then about 5 seconds later he realized losing a tooth means money! Apparently the tooth fairy has deeper pockets now too... She gave him 5$. I used to get 1$. Damn inflation. 

Tomorrow I have my breakfast and lunch all planned out already. 
For breakfast I'll have 1 scrambled egg... and my coffee. 
for lunch I'll be having a chicken breast with a small potato.
and I have no idea what I'm eating for dinner yet. Allen's work schedule
sucks fat balls this week and he works from 10am - 5 or 6pm. It doesn't sound like it sucks, but he
has an hour drive out there, and then an hour drive home. so he wont REALLY be home till after 7 sometime. 
Holy crap... I just did my calories for yesterday... and I ate 2162 calories for the day! Damn that Logans lunch!!!! That alone was just about 915 calories! Breaking it down like that makes me want to barf. ugh. No wonder I was so bloated afterwards. O_o

Hoodie weather is on it's way! We walked outside this morning to a brisk 55*! Time to bust out the kids small jackets and get some feety pjs. (for them... not me. That is not cute.) OH and I need some damn boots with fur. I found some I want so bad.. they're water proof and they're pink and furry... perfect for slipping on to drive Jacob to school in the mornings. Speaking of driving Jacob to school... I almost hit this freaking moron walking across the street today and he flipped me off... There was a crosswalk about 20 foot away from him yet he decided to cross in the middle of the block. Did I feel bad for almost hitting him? NOPE. Did I slow down at all? NOPE. I was super tempted to stick my arm out the window to slap his face. I don't have a good enough temper in the mornings to deal with that kind of shit. I just flipped him off and honked. I hate people in the mornings. Especially ones that do stupid shit and try to act like I'M the one to blame. lol That's what wrong with Murica these days. Everyone wants to act like little freaking idiots and blame everyone else. I can't wait till Obummer is out of office. He's the biggest freaking idiot of them all. ACTUALLY.... The people that VOTED for him the SECOND TIME are the BIGGEST freaking idiots of them all. Damn morons. 
Say you have a fantasy football team, and your guys not doing too great the first 4 games... are you going to keep him around for another 4? or TRADE HIS ASS?! 
Way to go Idiots.