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Friday, September 13, 2013

Sugar Challenge Day 3.

So, here we are... day 3 of the sugar challenge. It's not going too bad. I was under goal yesterday by 5g. I'll probably bust today though... I broke down and had some Strawberry Mini Wheats.. 8g of sugary goodness right there my friends. I'm full though, and didn't have to cook.. so it's more of a win / win in my book. 
mmmmm delicious. 

We have a funeral to go to Wednesday. Allen's great great grandma passed away yesterday morning. They said she took one last big breath and then just, passed. Which is cool... Thats how I want to go. Peacefully and in my sleep. We'll have to leave Tuesday night around 8:15pm.. which is AWESOME O_O.
We'll be driving to San Antonio and staying with Allen's mom.. we probably won't even get there till... midnight. I'm thrilled. THRILLED!
Hopefully we don't die on the way considering Allen falls asleep driving almost immediately.. plus we're taking his truck so not only can I not drive because I can't see at night, but I can't drive his truck.. so it's up to him. 
You're probably thinking "So.. just talk to him the whole time, or play games or something." yeah.. Been there and tried that. This is the same man that can fall asleep 2 minutes after putting his feet up in his recliner. While we're in the middle of a conversation. 
While the kids are screaming.
Talking is not going to work.

My birthday is in like... 21 days or something... I don't know.. I'm not really counting... :)
If anyone wants to get me anything... I'll take a freaking Kindle case... they're cheap on Amazon. Thats where I got Allen's. My poor kindle screen is getting little scratches and crap because I had to take the screen protector off. Well.. it's been off for a few months, but it was getting all... stupid looking. My case has been gone since I dropped the whole thing in the toilet. LOL I'll tell ya what... Kindles are pretty resilient.. I've dropped it several times and even submerged it in water... and nothings wrong with it. It still works just fine. At first it was a little... jumpy, but after it got dried out.. everything is A-OK. I'd recommend Kindle to anyone. and Samsung. Allen says my cell phone looks worse than some peoples work phones. haha I'm just klutzy... I drop stuff a lot. It's not my fault.  I'm joking... You don't have to get me anything. 
I'd be ecstatic with someone keeping my kids for a day. haha *this does not apply to family... MOM*

Eh... considering we'll be headed to Port Aransas on the 11th, I'm not TOOO worried about what I'm getting for my birthday. haha I would really much rather have my toes in the sand... and kids 6 hours away for 4 days. :-D 

OH OH OH!!! Last year, Allen and I got to go on the Lexington's haunted house thing.. "Haunting on the Blue Ghost" and they're doing it again this year on the 12th of October. I'm excited. Last year I basically hid my face in his back the whole time screaming and taking tiny baby steps. One of those scary bastards even said to me "LOOK AT MEEEEEE!!!!" .... yeah... totally not looking. 

I don't know what gets me about that crap. I know it's all fake.. duh. Some of it is so fake it's cheesy.. but I just can't get over it. I'm spooky I guess. 

I don't know if I ever put this up here... but a few weeks ago I got a random text message from a number I didn't know... Here's what happened. 
They were not as amused as I was. 

Lunch time! Hope you all are making healthy choices!