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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Open Heart Surgery...

Tuesday is a big day for a friend i've known since my Freshman year of high school. Shes going to Houston today and will have open heart surgery on Tuesday for her Hypertropic Obstructive Cardiomyopathy issue. Shes only 25 and going to have open heart surgery. :-\ I'm super freaked out about it, so I can only imagine how she feels about the situation!

Shes got two very pretty little girls PJ and Sophie and a hubby, so she needs tons of prayers from anyone and everyone that she pulls through everything just fine. I'm sure she will.. Shes not one to give up very easily. Shes got her own blog here.. I'm sure she'll be updating it a lot here pretty soon.. considering she'll be in the Hospital in Houston for a whole dang week.. She lives in Lubbock!! Thats a long way from home! From what I've been told though, shes going with a boatload of people :)

NOW.. about Curves... I've decided that after my 3 month free trial, I'm going to use some of my income tax to pay for a year membership. Well... provided I have any left. There are big plans for 90% of the money we're getting back this year. Kids need new clothes, Rent needs paying, cars need buying, insurance needs paying up, we're also going down to basic phones and throwing out the damn "Data plans" Sprint is giving us. The cheapest plan Sprint has for family share is like 700 minutes and its still like 129$ or something. Eff that. I think we're going to do Boost Mobile again or something if we get rid of Sprint.

I think a new..ish fridge is in order as well.. Ours has been taking huge leaks all over the kitchen floor... As a matter of fact, I've almost busted my ass hard once because of that stupid ass thing. Thats close to the bottom of the list of crap needed though.

Someday, we'll be able to actually use our income tax money for what its meant for... a Disney World vaycay for us and the kids. LOL or a disney cruise... Something damn fun!!
Maybeeeee we'll have an AWESOME wedding next year with our income tax.. you know, provided the whole world doesnt end with this 2012 hulabaloo. 

Although, the FEMA camps and stuff like that is really scary! 
Oh, what? You don't know about those things? Lookie here.....

Oh, and remember!!! Use your blinkers when you're driving! :D