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Saturday, January 28, 2012

I went! Diet sucks balls though....

I went to Curves again yesterday, and I feel really good. I have more energy at the end of the day, and It makes me excited to go the next day... But this diet is some bull shit. That might be the lack of sugar and grease talking. LOL Mind you, I'm not cutting anything out yet... I'm just working on my portion control, So I'm still eating what I want, just not NEAR as much. Training my stomach that it's ok to not be stretched out completely is horrible. I feel like I'm starting to feel full faster though..

Yesterday I had a totino's pizza for lunch... but I had only half... I could usually, polish one of those off by myself. I don't even think I finished all of the half I put on my plate. (Surprise to me.) Not to mention.. I was full! woot! woot! 
Cheese is the only Totino's to eat... lol 

Tonight we're eating some beans that I make. They're so good. They're Pinto beans, and I cook them all day,.. throw in some garlic salt/powder, onions, tomato sauce and hamburger meat and MMM... super good on a cool day! and 1 LB of beans always leaves us like a day or so of leftovers! 

OK so aside from the whole diet crap, I'm ready for my damn income tax to come in man! Holla holla!!! lol We have so many bills to catch up on and things to buy that we desperately need. We've been contemplating for a few weeks now as to what to do about the Jeep.. 
              Drive Time has really fucked us on it. It's a 2002, Sport Edition Liberty.. NO bells or whistles, and we owe over 12k on it. After all the loan shark fees are paid (all the interest) We will have paid an upwards of 21k! With income tax we're thinking about going out, finding an older ford explorer, escape, or other SUV for me and something for allen, and just call Drive Dime and tell them to come get their over-priced bottom of the line already breaking down pos back..  OH yea, we have the warranty on the vehicle, so the "already breaking down" part wouldn't be an issue, usually... but Drive Time insists that you go to ONLY DT approved mechanic shops.. Guess where the closest one is..... South San Antonio. KISS MY ASS. Talking about that pisses me off. Worst decision of my LIFE!

Tip of the day: If you're going to drive, please drive at LEAST the speed limit, and use your damn blinkers! Thanks!