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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Curves Day 2.. and other crap

Yesterday was day 2 of Curves! I didn't want to go, but Allen said "Just go.." I'm super proud of myself for going too... I feel like, everything was against me yesterday. It was raining, chilly, Ethan was being fussy, my legs were sore as shit, the couch was sucking me into it's deep food covered cushions. I mean,. I didn't want to go. Period. BUT. I went. And I'm glad I did.
I saw this poster in the area I was working out in yesterday... I giggled to myself because its SO DAMN TRUE.. Yet, there I was, jogging in place, working out and junk. I'm glad I went! 
Now, the diet is what I need to really work on. I'm doing pretty good.. trying to limit my sodas, (which weren't super predominant in my diet to begin with) and portion control. THAT is whats effing me in the A right there. Portion control ruins my life. 

Case and point... When I came home from the gym yesterday, I had to make supper for the family. Cool.. no big deal at all.. right? ok so what do I make? OH I know what goes good with people trying to lose weight! Chicken fried steak w/gravy,  mac n cheese and corn.. (we add butter and sugar to our corn.)
Now, normally, I'd pile my plate full of food like that! That's good stuff!! However, I tried not to this time. I think I did a fairly good job. I might have eaten 3/4ths of the steak and I'm pretty sure just one serving size of the corn and Mac n Cheese. I got FULL and not STUFFED which is how I usually leave the dinner table.