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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 1 of Curves..

Ok, So I entered a contest that a radio station I listen to here had going on, (106.1 The Mix) for a free 3 months of Curves. The reason I put that I wanted to win was short, sweet and to the point. lol "I was recently pregnant for 18 months. Hailey was born 12/17/09, Ethan was born 12/17/10. I need HELP!" ..... I didn't honestly think I was going to win. I never, EVER, win anything. I forgot about it completely to be honest.
I was at Ethan's 1 year checkup, waiting to be called into a room, so I was trolling my Facebook feed... and BAM.. Theres my name under 106.1's Facebook post! Stephanie Gonzales, Congrats! I was really excited and surprised!  I won?! Seriously!? SCORE!

So, I called Curves that day, and set up an appointment to come in and actually sign up and get started! Yesterday was my first time using the machines....

I'm pleasantly surprised to say, that I'm not as sore as I figured that I would be. I am sore, but I'm not crazy sore like I figured. Which makes me excited to go back today. I'm trying super hard to focus on my portion control, because thats a BIG problem with me. I love my food. Lies... I have a love/hate relationship with food. lol. Stupid Food.

I'm trying to get Brooke to go with me. Shes pretty much one of the only real best friends I have. We've known each other for, probably, the better part of 19 years... She wants to lose weight, I want to lose weight, and we BOTH need an accountabili-buddy. It makes everything easier. lol.

Now... Just for the sake of keeping track of everything.. I'm going to post some shit on here that makes me want to barf... My weight. I'm the heaviest I've been ever in my whole life. I've gained about 70 pounds since 2004... Lets do the math.. That is like saying that I've gained 8.75 lbs a year for the past 8 years. Not much right? It really is. It adds up SUPER fast and is SO DAMN hard to get rid of... ok so my weight starting Curves was 192lbs.. :( I have 3 months free... so Hopefully, I can lose 20 of these disgusting belly flappin pounds and maybe a good 20 inches over all!!! 
I have serious high hopes.
I'll post a blog after every day I go, just to keep track with how I'm doing and the progress I'm making and the problems I'm having. Oh.. There WILL be problems. LOL