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Monday, January 30, 2012

Drop it like it's hot!

***Comments are welcome BTW... thats the whole point! LOL ***

So, I went to Curves AGAIN today.. I believe today will be day 4 of my work outs. I'm proud of myself for continuing to go, now I just have to REALLY focus on my diet. I know I'm losing a little bit though, because my workout clothes fit differently already. While I was working out today, I was jogging in place, and my pants kept falling! SCORE! I feel like I want to live on a scale too... Like, I want to know how much I weigh every single morning, and then every night. lol I'm OBSESSED!

They have a cork board up along one of the walls with a lot of different business cards n junk, I'm going to take some of Allen's mechanic business cards tomorrow. I put his ad on Craigs List again the other day, and hes gotten some REALLY good jobs lately! Hes going to do a head job (haha!) to a BMW, hes Painting some army persons vehicle, and doing a lot of work for them before they sell it, plus hes going to replace some lady's fog light, and do a tune up on a truck! Hopefully he does really well at his interview this week and we won't have to depend on side work!

I wanna lose this weight!!!! 

ALSO!!! My friend Katie goes in for surgery tomorrow.. Open Heart Surgery!!! They told her that in comparison to her C-section,.. this won't hurt as bad! I'm glad for that... I'm also glad that her dr. is said to be super fast and super good.. She traveled 9 friggen hours so he better be the best ever! Not to mention, hes kinda working on her heart.. here is her blog :::