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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday Funday!

Today has been a good day so far! Allen has been busting out the side work for our honeymoon savings, AND my diet is going good today. I had 2 eggs for breakfast with some chocolate milk (fat free) and a few bites of the kid's Strawberry Lots of water too! Oh, and I just found out Allen is on his way home with our Landlords truck to do some MORE side work for some MORE money! or... maybe some $$$ off of rent! LOL Whatever man, that will help too, or maybe hes going to come fix these leaky windows... or the roof... or possibly the hot water heater. LOL whatever. 

I got a yoga mat yesterday, which means that I can give Lea Anne HER'S back. lol  I also need to buy a wii Active game too, because I have that of hers too. I hate that game though. I'll be spending money on something that is almost like torture. Jump squats, high knees, running, its not something that you really want to do when you're thinking "hey.. I'm going to play some wii..." but, it works! 

I updated the face of my blog today as well... For all of you like 3 people that read this. My mom, Aunty and the random person thats scanning though blogger. haha! The previous layout I had was pissing me off. This one is pretty. 

This next story has the word Fuck a lot. so don't read it if you don't like it.

OMG so I was driving today on a 5 lane road that we have here in Angelo, its a major road here... and there is a center lane for turning ONLY... Some fucking jackwad on the left side of the road, wanted to turn left so they pulled into the turning lane and started driving there till cars passed so they could get all the way over onto the other side of the road. Well, I happen to have my blinker on, turning into the place they were turning out of, and my Jeep almost had a come to Jesus meeting with their stupid ass Nissan. I should have fucking rammed that piece of shit jeep right into the side of that stupid ass Xterra. I fucking hate that jeep anyways. They're luuuucky I had the kids in the car... So. I honked and my windows were down due to lack of ac, and their windows were down so i yelled "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU FUCKING DOING!?!?" .... and then I remembered my kids were in the car. LOL dang it. Road rage being handed down. lol