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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Couldn't Run Through the Pain....

Today, I had some HORRIBLE lower back pain. I just KNOW because of the freaking hormone therapy I was on for 2 months. I gave that shit up after the horrible nightmares I was having and the mood swings and hot flashes. No thanks.. I'll have to self medicate this pain until Allen and I tie the knot 10/11/12. Then I'll finally be on his insurance and I'll be able to get looked at for real. Instead of the "well we don't want to do anything because you're not on insurance" BS I got last time I went to the Dr. I'm pretty sure my ovaries HATE me and my uterus must too. No worries. These cysts and other crap will be taken care of soon enough. 

I wanted to run today. But I've been sidelined due to pain. I've taken 2 Tylenol, 2 Pamprin and a damn Valium and the only thing it helped was... nothing. It just made me lethargic. ugh. Tomorrow is a new day, hopefully the pain will have subsided by then and I can get back into the garage on my treadmill running my heart out. 
I'm not going to lie... my thighs are thankful for the break. haha

ALSO... tomorrow, SHOULD be my weigh in day. Lea Anne will be going out of town tomorrow, so she won't to the measurements, SHE did hers yesterday and she murdered our goal of the double digit weight loss by losing 11 POUNDS in a month! Beast mode! THAT is why she's an awesome trainer. Not only does she know what it takes to lose weight, shes been there, and STILL doing it. She knows all the struggles and disappointments that come with it too. Thank GOD I have her help with food and nutritional info. 

I joined a group on facebook today called Stacy's Healthy Friends... ( someone reads my blog on there and I can inspire someone as much as I've been inspired by others. I know I'm not perfect, but I do know a little bit.. Learning from the best! :D ... Still, the BEST advice I've ever gotten, DRINK TONS OF WATER. lol