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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Measurement day! First and Last.

I was weighed and measured yesterday. I'm not SUPER disappointed, because I know that it could have been worse and wasn't completely my fault. I weigh the same as I did last month. 156. My inches are still going down, which is GREAT and I lost like a pound of body fat so I think I'm carrying a lot of water weight. Now that I'm able to work out again, I'm going to do it! lol I need to get back into the frame of mind that got me to 156... 126 here I come! 
I need to focus again on my portion control., I've gotten lax with it because I felt like "this is what I usually eat, I don't have to measure." Bullshit. My eyes are bigger than my stomach, and I'm going to start using my dang measuring cups again. With Allen off on weekends now, we order out more too. So, I'm going to either STOP that altogether, or let him get what he wants and I'll get subway. I have been making my own samaches at home recently., Wheat bread, toasted, with provolone cheese (reduced fat), chicken breast on the bread as its toasting, add lettuce, tomato and a tea spoon of miracle whip. Saves money and is just as good. LOL :) 
I'm going to have a bad ass breakfast tomorrow for me and the kids. Eggs, Turkey Bacon, Oatmeal and toast and jelly. (toast and jelly is for kids.) and TONS of water! Excited already. :) 

So, I'm getting kinda stressed about the upcoming weeks. My birthday is in a few days, Allen will be going to NM within the next week, we're getting married 10/11/12, so we have to buy our marriage license. SOON. Side note, those things are freaking expensive! in Texas its $75.00! Killin me. Anyways., then we're going on our honeymoon, which will be AWESOME. No idea where we're going yet, but I know it'll be 3 FULL nights without the kids, and we're going to drink. I'm pretty sure I can get Allen to bring our xbox too so we can play Halo. LOL lame. We're not exactly rollin in the dough though. OH and my moms moving to a house about 25-30 mins away! I don't think I ask her much to watch the kids now, but I'll never get a break with her being that far away. LOL I need a daycare that will watch them for like 2 hours a day, and not charge 400$. 
Thats nuts. N.U.T.S. 
Gunna get ready to go to Curves, I've felt SUPER lazy today. Gotta go change that. 
I need this!