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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

4 Days and Counting!

So.. I have 4 days till my 5k and I'm pretty excited. I think. Maybe I'm mostly excited and partly scared... Maybe mostly scared and partly excited... I'm not sure. I just hope that I can eat the funnel cake Lea Anne is going to buy me after we're done running. lol I'll take it home. :-D But I will NOT be sharing with my kids. It's mine. MINE
Thats a picture of me, and my son Jacob, at his 4 year birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. I don't know what I weighed at this point, but it was in July of 2009. I might have been around 4 months preggo with Hailey but still... under all that fat, you wouldn't be able to tell anyways! 

I can NOT believe I let myself get that huge. Food is a horrible horrible thing. Actually I'm lying... Food is delicious. :( Ok, I have to stop thinking about food. lol it's making me hungry. 

So I weighed and measured the other day. I don't remember exactly which day, but my BMI is now under 30. I set that goal a while back and kinda forgot about it until the other day. lol Scoooorrrreeeeee. 
OH! I'm already going to have to get my wedding ring RESIZED. I just got this thing in October! I want to take it and have it sized again, but I don't want to be without the damn thing for 2 weeks. lol I should take it off next time I weigh in, it's probably throwing off the scale. HA! 

BAM! listen to her! she's damn smart. (also.. listen around 4:08) 
Go Get It! :D