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Friday, February 22, 2013

New Ink!!! Who Needs a Dooney?!

So, I was going to reward myself with a new Dooney and Bourke purse after the Funnel Cake 5K, but instead... I decided to celebrate my weightloss, and 5k goal by getting a new damn tattoo! I FREAKING love it. Thats an understatement. It's amazing. I knew it would be because the guy that did it is fucking AWESOME. Got it done at Trufant Bros. tattoo here in Angelo.. by Aubrey. He did my very first tattoo about 7 years ago, and it still looks brand new and I still get compliments on it.
 Here is my new edition......
It took a little under 3 hours for him to do, and it didn't hurt NEAR as bad as I anticipated. I can't wait to get another one already. O_o Sorry mom. 
I'm not super thrilled with this pic though I have to admit... My arm looks a lot more meaty than I'd like. Time to start toning again. I've seriously slacked off a lot since running the 5K with Lea Anne... I've actually only gotten on my treadmill ONCE. yikes. I'm getting a little lazy again. Lame. 

Speaking of Lea Anne... she's been down in the dumps this past week due to some bullshit Chemistry professor she had run three 5ks in 3 weeks!! Anyways, she ended up pulling every muscle in one of her feet and might not run again for a while. :( I feel like that would be equivalent to someone telling me, I couldn't listen to music anymore. Running for her was a big deal... but I hope she knows it didn't define her. She's an amazing coach and an inspiration to me still. I can PROMISE you that had it not been for Lea Anne, I wouldn't have ran that 5k. Her motivation and encouragement has been a big deal in my weight loss journey.  I sure hope she knows how awesome she is!

So.. Tonight my mom took Ethan and Jacob out to her place and is keeping them for the night.. THANK GOD. Allen has been in NM for work since Wednesday and when hes not here, these kids just run all over me like crazy. It's not like I don't spank them and junk, trust me I do. Today within the first 20 minutes of Ethan getting out of bed I had to spank him for yelling at me "I don't want it!!!!" that's his way of saying 'no' to me when I tell him to do something.. i.e. "Go to your room!!!" "I don't want to go to my room!!!" Sometimes he'll even slam his hand down on the coffee table or something.. Man hes a shit. Tomorrow shes taking Hailey to the mall, so she can get her nails did and go see the water fountains. That kid loves those water fountains. 

Tomorrow I'm starting my weights again. I need to tone up these arms... At least I don't look like this anymore!!!!
Where did my boobs go!? Look at that big ass tub man... I'm so glad I won that membership at Curves last year. Only a little weight left to get off this tiny frame, and I'll be good to go! <3