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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

10 Days!!! WHAT?!

I'm freaking out. I'm running a 5k in like 10 days. I'm not ready at all. lol I sure don't feel ready that's for sure. My goal is to just finish it without passing out. I got some new shoes today though, so hopefully that's going to help.... lol nah.. I just gotta run on the treadmill everyday from now till the day of the race! Here are my new kicks...

They're soooo comfortable on my feets while running.. MUCH better than the FILAS I was running in. So far anyways. After income tax comes in, which should be a few weeks into Feb.. I'll be gettin me some Asics! I've got my eye on some already.. They cost a slight fortune though. Man It'll be worth it though. I do know I need to get a new purse.. I'm thinking of the Coach or Dooney variety. Especially after my weigh in tomorrow. I THINK it'll be a good one, but I'm not going to get my hopes up yet. As long as I don't GAIN weight, I'll be ok. 

My coach, and friend Lea Anne is doing a weight loss type vlog on YouTube.. I'll post a video of hers on here so you guys can see how awesome she is. I wish she'd make longer ones though! Lord knows she can talk about stuff longer than 3 minutes....

Oh.. so today I ate Burger King for the 1st time in a while... I ate a chicken sandwich w/no mayo. Didn't eat any french fries or anything, I drank water instead of soda or tea.. and holy crap. I felt bloated and gross for like 3 hours. I know fa sho I'll not be eating there or any other fast food place any time soon. I haven't been keeping myself from foods or anything other than fast foods that are super greasy. But this was just too much. I couldn't wait to go run it off. Thats for sure. 

I'll scan my paper from my weigh in tomorrow if I remember/have time.. I'm damn excited. 

OH on a GREAT and EXCITING note, Hailey is almost potty trained! She is in diapers for bed time and nap time and thats basically it! woot woot!