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Saturday, February 9, 2013

My First Race!!! 32 Minutes!!!

I ran my first race today! It was the 1st Annual Funnel Cake 5k. I ran it in 32 minutes! I'll be back next year for SURE. I just hope next year its a closed course and we wont have to run around horses and shit. Literally... shit. I didn't mind the smell of the animals so much, but that stretch with all the food carts and junk almost killed me. Nothing like the smell of bacon and grease to pump you up while you're trying to run. Oh.. If I haven't mentioned it yet, we ran at the carnival. They set up the course within the carnival area, so we were running past people walking, eating, drinking, whatever. 

I did NOT eat a funnel cake. I didn't want one, and to be honest, I still don't. I ate some awesome bagels though and that was enough. I'm just super stoked I finished. I did speed walk for a few minutes because it was WINDY AS SHIT out there and the dust and the head cold I'm already battling started getting to me. BUT I still finished! And I wasn't last! 
My number! 

Lea Anne ran with me of course and she kept my pace the whole time. She didn't even talk shit when I had to walk a little... she was just encouraging me and lying to me telling me we were almost finished.. I met her wife, Whitney for the first time today too, she's hilarious. She didn't run. She was smart and just clapped for us when we finished. :) They're both fun people. 

However.... I drove home and when I got out of my car, my legs basically turned to dust. Running for 30 minutes, and then sitting in a vehicle (with a butt warmer) for 15 minutes do not go well together if you need the use of your legs for, say, walking. I'm sure they'll get used to it. They better get used to it. 
Lea Anne is already telling me about a 5k Trail Race next weekend. I think she's trying to kill me. 

I'm going to be staying with my mom tonight... The landlord is actually doing something with our tub today. Not sure what hes going to be doing yet, but I don't care, he said it would be done today and that's all that matters. There are going to be storms and crap though, so instead of freaking out at home by myself, I'll go stay with my mom and freak out over there. I HATE storms. I start getting sweaty, and I pace a lot and get shaky... its crazy. Or maybe I am....