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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Holy Crap...

So much crap has gone on since my previous post... I lost myself a little, gave up for a second.. or just got super lazy.. I'm not sure. Whatever though. I've maintained my weight at a steady 145-148 and for now, that's ok with me. I am in a wedding in March though... so I'm working towards looking semi OK in a mother fu#*ing dress. Like, a real, legit dress. O_o Not cool... AND the Bride wants me to wear HEELS. Heels. 
I hope she has someone taking video because I would REALLY like to see myself rubber ankleing it down the isle. Better me than her I guess..
I guess.

My toe still hurts from when I fell after chasing the cat.. Not sure what I did to it.. Also, when I take a step, and I'm wearing my Chuck Taylors, my middle toe tingles like it's asleep. Awesome right? haha Went to the chiropractor yesterday and I was all jacked up. No wonder I've been having migraines lately. He said my neck was all wacky and of course, between my shoulder blades till. ugh.

I need to start doing my blog again.. I did that Jillian Michael's class at Curves the other day and I like it. I like it but it's hard work. hahah Not only have I not worked out like that in about... 2 months or something, Old people were doing it too, and doing it better.. so I felt like I had to REALLY push myself. Allen reminded me when I got home, it's not like I'm 18... I'm almost 30. 
Almost fucking 30. 
Thanks Honey.

I've started taking pictures of Allen at night while he's sleeping on the couch and posting them on Instagram. They're amazing. hahah I'm tagging them #sleepingbeauty #husbandsasleep #feetgoupeyelidsgodown I have about 8 of them so far. I'm sure I'll have a LOT more by this time next month. He doesn't have Instagram... ahaha I only do it when he's sitting up and we're supposed to be watching our shows or playing cards or something... I'll look over and boom, he's sleeping. Happens EVERY night. He's lucky if he stays awake past 10pm. 

I've almost saved up $40.00 with Survey Savvy. I take these dumb little surveys for money and I'm getting excited to cash it out! lol That's money for answering some stupid questions about shopping online vs. shopping in a store... or do I shop for groceries more online or in person? Super easy stuff man. Go Here if you want to make a little extra cash by doing nothing more than clicking a few things on the computer. You're online anyways... ya know?

Well... I'm going to get off here.. We're plugging in Allen's laptop to the TV so we can watch The Croods on Netflix with the babies! It'll be a brisk 20 degrees outside today, so there is no way I'm going to work out.... I'll try to be on here to update more... I miss it.