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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

First Time For Everything..

So... Allen and I got new phones! The samsung galaxy S3. It had an app for blogging so guess what's up!!? I can blog from my phone now.
This is by far the coolest phone I've ever owned. Lol who needs a laptop!?
I still do. Haha
So In the last blog post I was talking about Jacobs snaggle tooth... remember? About him having to take pictures... yeah we got the proofs yesterday. 
Proofs being the key word... Jacob got to school and decided he would just throw the envelope away...... thanks. NOW not only is the package I wanted $6.00 more.. I also habe to pay for shipping...which is $7.50. Yay Jacob!
Thanks kid. Gah.
I'm doing so many arm exercises in preparation for Kambria's stupid wedding. Her weddings not stupid. Me wearing a dress is stupid. A spaghetti strap one at that. Not cute.
K... oh now that I have a new phone I'm super addicted to snapchat again. Haha man its fun.