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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Would You Look At That?

Holy Moley Right!? It's been years since I've posted an update. There is a reason for it. 
My kids are nuts and I have no time for anything except for during their naps, but that's when I'm washing dishes, sweeping up their crap and folding laundry. Because all of those things have to be done on a daily basis... sometimes more than once, the house immediately looks like a tornado hit it. Several times. Allen has been going back and forth between New Mexico, Home and South Texas for a while. When he's not here, It's hard to keep up with everything. lol It's go go go. 
He'll be back in this area for work soon though. Thank GOD. After the 1st of the year. His schedule coming up is really pissing me off though. He was supposed to have off from the 20th- 2nd and NOW... everything's changed. He worked 7 days in New Mexico, then had 5 days off, then had to rush to S. Texas to help them out down there because the people they're training down there are apparently idiots and need months and months of training. O_O
so... He's in S. Texas, till tomorrow night..Then he'll HOPEFULLY BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS. They're saying that he may have to go down there for Christmas.. So, now, he's had to miss Hailey and Ethan's birthday... which is TODAY... and he may have to miss Christmas. They want to shut down on the 23rd at noon, so he'd come home the night of the 23rd, be home 24th and have to freaking leave on the 25th to be there in time for them to start on the 26th. Normally I wouldn't be so mad,.. because it's his job. But the thing is, they have enough people down in that area to cover it, they are just screwing around. They have 3 new Sand Pushers that they've hired and they've been training since October. Allen only got like, 2 weeks MAX before he was by himself on a well. I'm just irritated. 

All we can do is pray he gets to keep his schedule how it is now... that leaving Christmas day crap is up in the air... but we're pretty sure thats how it's going to happen.. because why not? =-\

Today is Hailey's 4th birthday and Ethan's 3rd birthday. The years are flying by. It really just seems like a few weeks ago that Allen and I were finally getting married! They're super freaking obsessed with Ghostbusters 2 right now... I've had to watch it every day for the past few weeks at least twice a day. Followed by Rango. ugh

The toys in the bag that Hailey is holding, is a bag of Ghostbuster toys my mom bought off of Ebay. LOL Spoiled. Rotten. 

Go ahead, watch that and try not to laugh. My favorite part is at the end, when he's bending over looking at the car... hahaha