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Friday, October 18, 2013

Lexington, Aquarium... Fun Times.

Ok... here's the rest of the trip pictures. There is also going to be a video at the end of this blog, that you're going to freaking love. I do... Honestly, I don't really care if you do or not. haha.. it's the funniest thing I've seen in a while. 
The Lexington has had some changes to their museum. I don't like them much. I was a giant fan of the old Blue Ghost guys... like, I could have spent all day on that ship looking around.. but now there's a LOT of new stuff... and the rooms are different. It's more like a museum for the whole Navy instead of just the history of that awesome ship. They do have a Pearl Harbor exhibit now that's pretty cool... but a lot of it revolves around the MOVIE Pearl Harbor because apparently they filmed some stuff on that ship.. Not that the movie wasn't good... I'm a fan... but it's like they were more interested in the movie stars being on the Lexington than the actual reason for the movie. Eh... anyways.... 
On to the pictures. 
This is the view of the USS Lexington from the Texas State Aquarium. 

Uh Oh! Allen's in the Brig! hahaha

I think this was in the Pearl Harbor area... I don't remember. I just really really really liked this quote. 

This pic should really have been on the other day's blog. Allen and I plan on getting a new tattoo every year on our anniversary in Port A. We have a tattoo shop we go to called Voodoo Tattoo.. it's on a main street right off the Ferry. The guy that does ours, Nate, is freaking awesome. He did our other tattoos too... the Shark jaws with 10-11-12 inside. He's awesome and affordable and hopefully if we keep going back, he'll keep giving us awesome deals. :) He remembered us from last year! 

Back to the Lexington... These planes are really cool. Everything about them is freakin sweet. 

I really like these. The ones where you can see that motor behind the propeller.

THIS cracked me up... they have a simulator on the Lexington now, where you can fly, or shoot, or do whatever in air planes. and this was on about 5 out of 6 screens. 

Allen was super interested in this plane. It's got bondo all over it and has been sanded. It looks like they're getting ready to paint it. He was rubbing his hand along it feeling the body lines.. I was pretty sure he was going to stop one of the workers and ask what they were going to do with it. He's done a lot of paint and body on vehicles... so... this was interesting to him. 

These planes are just super cool... They don't make em like they used to.

I liked the paint on this one... and then I saw the little missile thing was open.....

Tommy's Toy... Nice. 

Most awesome helicopter ever! From the paint to what it was used for. 

This was on a plane. I have to say... I agree. 

THIS plane is freaking cool... it's all short and looks mean. 

Theres some missiles we need to drop on a few countries... just sayin.

Blue Angels! 

I had to wait for about 5 minutes before I could take this pic. Some stupid people with the Boy Scouts who thought they owned the joint were standing in a big group just talking among themselves and laughing. They finally saw me trying to take a picture and waved and moved over. Idiots. 

THIS is how stuff used to look in the Lexington... authentic and untouched... 

These kids made me lose my mind. I love this room of the Lexington. It's the most awesome room. The grandmother of these little jackholes wasn't paying attention to ANYTHING they were doing. There is a giant sign that says "PLEASE DO NOT touch any knobs or levers in this room. " yet they had their grubby little hands all over everything. Grandma was walking around on her phone not paying attention. I can't freaking stand that kind of "parenting." If you brought your grand kids here to show them a cool ship, get off your phone, walk around and teach them about some history. Don't let them run amok knocking into people (me) and touching shit they're not supposed to. I was enjoying my time without my kids... but I had to put up with other peoples idiot kids. I don't let my kids act like this in places... I wish I could spank other's kids for acting like that. Gah Dang. 

Another of my favorite areas. I had to wait for another little idiot kid to leave this room too. He was standing by the wheel with his hand on it looking at me like "are you going to take a picture or what?" No... No I'm not you little shit because I don't want you to be in it. I do love kids... I do... I just can't stand when parents let their kids be disrespectful and rude in public. Mine are rude and shitty to me in the house... but when we're out in public, they're nice, they listen to directions, and they damn sure don't touch shit they're not supposed to... but maybe it's because I'M PAYING ATTENTION TO THEM. 

this was new too... but it was cool... all those knots. 

Here was part of the Pearl Harbor part... Pictures of Ben Affleck and junk on the walls like he was super important during what happened. No... He wasn't. He was in a movie about what happened. That doesn't mean that he should be in a frame on the Lexington. dang. 

This was new too. 

This was new....

This was new....

THIS was the Lexington Library... But the door was closed, and the lights were off like we weren't allowed to look in there.. Bitches. I gots a flash on my camera thank GOD.. This, in my opinion, is one of the coolest rooms on the Lexington.... Thats all I have for the Lexington... It was super fun... We didn't go to the Haunting On the Blue Ghost though... that shit was expensive. 15$ per person, and it's pretty short. 

I was going to do the Texas State Aquarium today too, but That was a lot of pictures already.. I don't want to over load or make people bored. Plus these kids are about to drive me nucking futs. I've spanked Ethan three times already today and it's only 11:20am. They act like because daddy is gone, mommy has unlimited nerves to get on. No... THAT is not the case I can assure you. I seriously need to find a mommy's day out place here before I lose my shit and drop them off at a Fire Station. Neither of them know our last name and neither of them know our phone numbers or address... it'd be easy.

Just joking... I couldn't do that. Ethan called me his best friend last night. Even though, after I spanked him today he yelled "YOU'RE NOT MY BEST FRIEND ANYMORE MOMMY!!!!!" 
oh well... I'm sure I'll recover... 
Time to feed lunch to the children! Hope ya'll enjoyed my pics. 
More to come later... I honestly didn't plan on making this a 3 day extravaganza. It just happened.