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Thursday, November 7, 2013

It's So Close...

First, I can't believe it's freaking November right now. Almost into the second week of November at that! I'm still fat. I lost a lot of my want to. I get so mad at myself because I'll go to get dressed for the day and put on my jeans, and not feel comfortable in them.. and it's ALL my fault. I say that to myself too... "You could already be at your goal weight if you'd stop screwing around." It's really simple when you think about it. A lot harder to actually do it. I'm all about convenience and I HATE washing dishes. That doesn't leave a lot of choices for healthy food. Not to mention, my at home cooking is probably not very healthy 50% of the time. Well... stuff like, chicken fried steak..but it's fried in Coconut Oil. We eat a LOT of baked chicken. Ugh.. I'd be 15 lbs lighter than I am right now if I wasn't lazy. Shame shame. 

So the kids had Halloween last week. They love it. Hailey and Ethan changed their minds about 39 times on what they wanted to be. I wanted Ethan to be the Hulk. For a little while, he really wanted to be Hulk too... Then he saw all of the stupid choices he had. haha He finally settled on Buzz Lightyear. Hailey WAS going to be a princess.. Then she saw the ugliest Jessie costume from Toy Story. Jacob wanted to be a Ghost Buster so bad, but no one had any costumes left by the time we had funds to buy costumes! Go Figure. Next year, I'm getting them super early... like with one of Allen's safety bonuses from work. 
Here is Et as Buzz... This was an OK costume... Could have had a real belt or something.. but he LOVED it. 


Those little bats in the background, were made by my mom and the kids. hhaha Thats our only Halloween deco in the house! Lame right? Gotta start going all out now that the kids REALLY get into it. 
That Jessie costume kills me. 

Ethan was so excited to get into that train. 

He rode with Jacob because the car kinda scared me. But he had SO MUCH FUN. He laughed the whole time. Jacob said "He was laughing so hard." haha Hailey is totally thrilled as you can see...

Oh... this kids not scared of anything.

Look at that face. 
This was our trip to the Pumpkin Patch last week before Allen went to New Mexico. We ended up getting pumpkins a week before Halloween this year, and the stupid things were rotted before Trick Or Treating even happened. Stupid things. Lasted only about 4 days. 

Jacob thought these were a Hoot. 

Hailey didn't really understand what was going on.....

Here is a random picture of Ethan... eating a donuts. He's slightly messy.

This kid taught himself how to ride. His feet barely reach the pedals so I didn't think he'd be actually trying to ride it... I came out side and he was going back and forth back and forth and slowly turning himself in a circle. He needs one of his own I guess! Ugh...

Oh... so Allen was in NM last week. It was the worst week ever. I really miss Allen when he's gone. I have no adult interaction when he's gone really.. unless I freaking go shopping or something. Then I can talk to the cashier about how weird my last name is. O_o 
The kids act 100% different when he's home too. That's not what made this the worst week ever though. Skeeter had gotten into some milk Saturday night. Cats are allergic to milk! Despite what every single cartoon ever showed us as kids, cats actually can't digest milk easily. Some cats can better than others, Skeeter is NOT one of those cats. He was shootin shit everywhere. I am not joking. Literally he would walk, crap would shoot out of his ass, and he'd run away. This was happening everywhere. I had to keep him off the furniture, and out of window sills... and definitely out of the kids' rooms. It was fucking horrible. I never ever want to go through that again. Like, on top of the kids acting like jerks while daddy is gone, I have to tell them 4839 times a day "Watch for skeeter poop!!" Freaking gross. He was pooping out little Skeeter bombs faster than I could clean them up with a Clorox wipe! Leaky assed cat. He's lucky we love him.. I was ready to put him out to pasture. I never took him to the vet... I called, they told me to take away his food for 24 hours, so I did, and bam... problem solved. He only gets about 2 cups a day now. No more gorging himself in food... 
I need someone to do that to me... "Bitch, you're getting too fat, I'm taking your food away for a day.. and I'll only give it to you again when I feel ready." Who wants to be the one to do that? haha
K... There all you guys that were telling me to Blog. haha I blogged! I'll try to keep up with it.. but Allen leaves and I'm busy, he comes home and I don't get online much! 

Hopefully I lose a little more weight this next week! That'd be nice.