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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Walked the KOA.

Brooke, Lea Anne, Whitney and I walked the KOA today. It was so much easier than I remember. Of course, I was about 55lbs heavier last time I walked it and was pushing a stroller with a 10lb baby in it. Still, I think maybe Tuesday morning I'll go out there and maybe...jog it...! We'll see. My mom found a pic from when we used to walk it before I lost weight... This is me from behind. 
This was taken May 18th 2011. DAMN!

I seriously look mighty from back here. Ooh... LeaAnne shared a pic with me today on FB that the San Angelo Road Lizards had taken of us at the 5k we did.. Pretty fucking awesome considering I had nothing from that day other than the little list of people I took a pic of. That, and my number that's stuck to my fridge. lol 
The first thing I noticed, was my boobs look like they're lopsided and floppin to the left. damn it. haha that and my pants look like I'm running in a skirt. Something has to be done about both issues. Soon.
That girl behind me, it was her first 5k too... and it was my goal to finish before her.. but 2 seconds after this pic, she sped past Lea Anne and I like she had turbo boosters on. I was sort of bummed out till I found some bagels... Then all was right with the world again.

I'm excited that I'm getting motivated again! I weighed and measured yesterday at Curves and I'm no longer considered "Obese". WOOT! My BMI or whatever is in the "normal" range. I'm pretty damn proud of that. 

Check this video out... and watch till 3:38 at least. His face KILLS me.