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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Slight Bump in the Road...

I'm not happy with myself. I started off this month with a contest between Lea Anne, Brooke and myself and I weighed 139lbs. I weighed myself today... 143.5lbs. One word. Disappointed. 
I've worked really hard to get to where I am, and I've just been screwing around. I tell you what though.. I can see just how fast that weight can be put back on. Kinda like a wake up call in a way I guess. I need to start running again.. I have my new Ipod and everything and a new damn arm strap for it and shit and I haven't gotten on my treadmill since that stupid Funnel Cake 5k!! How lame am I?

I've got too much going on during the day. I don't have time during the kids naps because I have to eat lunch and then I have to work out before Jacob gets out of school. I can't when I get done working out because I can't just leave the kids in the house alone. Those are just a few of the excuses I give myself. Lame. 
I realize that it's only a 4.5 pound weight gain.. but thats a MONTH OF WORK DOWN THE DRAIN. and It took LESS than a month to put it back on. 

Bottom line.
I'm drinking my water again, I'm eating healthy again, I'm GOING to start running again, soon. and I'm going to start working out at home again. I feel lame. I don't like feeling lame. I'd be around 134 pounds right now if that 4.5 was a LOSS instead of a GAIN. 

It's time to get back on track. I've said that before, but I'm serious as shit this time. Fuuuck all the bullshit. O_o
this was me in 2011....
My son took this pic of me and my husband at the Abilene Zoo this past weekend. Where the hell did those boobs go man?
I don't want to look like that ever again. I wish I could win the lotto... A LOT of problems would be solved. I'd have a personal trainer.. Lea Anne... A chef...if she wanted the job, Lea Anne's wife Whitney.. and a family nurse.. Brooke. LOL I'd pay for all of their college and housing! Assuming of course I won like.. a few million. even if I won a few hundred thousand, they'd be debt free.. lots of people would dang it. 
I can't start talking about the lottery... lol I have all my plans mapped out. Now, I just need those damn planets to align just right for me. ugh....

K... I've vented enough. Starting off the morning with a tiny cup of coffee, some egg whites and turkey bacon. yay.