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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My 5 Minute Work Out!

I've found a work out that I like to do at home again! It'll shake things up enough where I think I'll keep doing it. I did it yesterday and I'm sore in all the right places. haha. Here is the link to it... 

I'm going to add sit-ups to the routine just because I need to work on my belly. So, technically it'll be a 6 minute routine but I can live with that. I never thought a 1 minute plank would make me sore. But it has. My kids were trying to do the push ups with me, which made me laugh because they would get down on their hands and just put their heads on the ground. lol or just lower their hips and keep their arms straight. Silly kids. 

I'll be lucky if I finish this month at what I started at. Hopefully with this new routine added to the day, I'll break my plateau and lose a little for the month of April. I think last year, April was my 10 pound weight loss month. I'm not going to AIM for that, because that's a giant goal for me I think, but I'll settle for around 5. At least. We'll see I guess. I wish Spaghetti Squash would hurry up and come into season. ugh...

Short and sweet, but I've got babies to feed because they're cranky as shit and starting to get on my last nerve. Hailey is the biggest damn drama queen I've ever seen.