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Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Plateau.....

So, I'm pretty annoyed with myself. I've lost little to no weight in the past 2 months. I know I only have myself to blame, but it's not going to stop me from bitching about it. DAMN YOU FOOD!!!!
I'm starting my food diary again because I apparently can't watch what I eat by myself. O_o So far, I've had my normal cup of coffee, which is really like half a cup, and 2 slices of toast. Hopefully for lunch I'll have something good and healthy. I bought some apples, yesterday so maybe I'll eat something with yogurt and fruit and ... something else. ugh

I have been lifting my weights a LOT more than usual. My arms are sore so thats good. I need to get some heavier ones though, my 8 lb weights just aren't that heavy anymore. haha! I guess that's a good thing.

OK, so enough about the weight loss... Yesterday I took my almost 8 year old to the dentist for a "robot tooth" and a filling. He calls the silver cap a robot tooth.. I guess because it's silver. IDK.. but whatever. We got there and all was good.. We got called back and they took us into the room, Jacob climbed up on the chair and at this point, everything was still good. Then the dentist came in. Jacob had the little laughing gas nose thing on and I could tell he was a little... off.. He was talking to the dentist about stuff, and the dentist told him "ok, time to make the sugar bugs go to sleep." and that was it. Jacob started FREAKING out. He bit the dentist, so he told the hygienest lady to go ahead and do the fillings he needed and he'd come back in a few minutes when she was done and Jacob had a chance to calm down. So, she did her job, and did it well... Jacob didn't have any issues with getting the fillings, he was good the whole time. And then it happened again... The dentist came in. He sat next to Jacob and told him he was proud of him for doing so well with the fillings, and that it was time to put the sugar bugs to sleep so he could get his robot tooth. He told Jacob "open up big!" and Jacob did, and then he saw the slight glimmer of the silver syringe thing for the shot they give your gums to make your shit fall asleep.. and he FREAKED out again... bit the dentist again, and this time the dentist was pissed. I would have been too! But he said "ok, enough of this, I'm going to refer you to a pediatric dentist who can fully sedate him." and walked out. 
Yep... that just happened. 

My mom had told him that if he was brave, he could have a new Lego toy because she was going to be at Walmart while we were at the dentist. So I texted her asap and told her NO WAY on the toy. NO WAY. All I could tell Jacob at the time was 'I'm incredibly disappointed in you.'  That's worse on him than telling him anything about being mad. Then on the way home I told him he wasn't going to go to Granna's house either and he started bawling.... Then I had to tell him NOW because he didn't get the shot, he was going to have to get put completely to sleep.. and THAT freaked him out. He was asking me to call the dentist and try to let them do it again.. Nope.. I'm pretty sure they don't want to deal with him again. She was pretty reluctant to make the 6mo cleaning appt. I think I'm going to cancel it anyways and we'll be going to a new dentist. Allen and I use Twin Mountain Dentistry here in San Angelo and they're freaking awesome. I've never been so comfortable at a dentist. They're super gentile too. We'll see... Maybe between now and August he'll grow up a little more and stop flipping out about every little thing. 

So... to recap... I'm tired of being fat, so I'm doing my food diary again and my 7 year old acts like a 3 year old at the dentist. woot woot. Oh and this time change can kiss my ass too. Losing an hour of sleep is stupid.