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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

New plans!

Good news! I worked out yesterday. Hard. I thought about pussing out and not using my little key chain thing, but I figured... wtf. I've been lazy and fat for a month or longer! Why start slow? No biggie though, I'm good. 
I have found that I'll need to do my back exercises before I go from now on, or maybe stretch a little better after I'm done. My back is sore this morning. ....
hmmm... Now that I think about it though, I did wear my moms "Similar to" As Seen On TV, Low Frequency Therapeutic Equipment. lol It's a knock off of the As Seen On Tv version of the Tens Machine. It isn't very powerful but it's better than nothing when I have a week between appointments. 
I forgot to mention, my chiropractor says I have Mild Degeneration of my T-3,4 and 5 vertebrae. The disk between my T3 and T4 is a LOT smaller than all of my other disks. I also have some awesome nerve damage in my back from a nerve being pinched for quite some time... uuugh! 
I'm only 27 damn it! lol Oh well.. tell that to Allen, who JUST passed his first kidney stone. I've never seen a man in so much pain. At least when I was having a baby, I had a epidural. lol poor guy. 
So.. I feel great about working out yesterday, I feel like I might be over my attack of the lazies. I'm even thinking about cleaning the garage as much as I can during the kid's nap today. I've also decided, that once Jacob goes to Austin to stay the summer with "his other dad" I'm going to walk the KOA most mornings with the kids in their double stroller. Walking the KOA with a stroller is tricky enough... a double stroller is double tricky. lol Its adding at least 55lbs to the walk up and down steep ass hills. Hopefully I don't let go of the stroller... they'd roll down a hill into the lake. 
*joking... the stroller would probably stop before the water.*

Oh more good news, I weighed and measured yesterday, and I've LOST weight (and muscle :( ) since last month. the weight I'm happy about... the fact that it's probably just muscle I'm losing considering my fat is the same, sucks. Time to start lifting again too! 

OH Lea Anne will be working out with Allen at the gym Saturday afternoon.... that should be interesting! :-D I hope she kicks his ass. haha 
He also grew an Amish beard in my hiatus. It's gone now though. O_o I liked it. lol

The title of the blog is new plans... and I didn't really cover anything.. my bad... My new plans are to 1. start working out again. 2. do my back exercises MORE 3. walk the KOA with kids.