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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bigger and Better Things!!! Finally!

I've been MIA for a while... I know, I'm sorry. We've been busy as hell and there are some changes coming our way! 
(I'll get to the weight loss in a second. YES... WEIGHT LOSS.)

We've been in this 3 bedroom 1 1/2 since February of 2011. There are 5 people in my house. One bath tub is not cool. Especially when it's GROSS. Our landlord has let the bathroom *and plumbing* go for lord knows how long. It's probably the same tub that was put into the house in the 70's when this bitch was built. Gross. Would you like to see a pic of the new tub? 
I'll never be able to get the babies out of this! What the pic doesn't show, are the stone steps leading up to the bathtub. And the giant step in shower over off to the side. 
Our master bedroom is the size of my living room now. HUGE. 
Look... here is our soon to be dining room
Soooooo pretty. This is not my crap. These pics are from Craigs List... haha My stuff will look better! haha Off the dining room is Hailey's room and Ethan's room maybe... Haven't decided yet. 
The future living quarters. Off to the right in this pic, is the giant master bedroom and probably Jacob's room...
THIS is the outside of the house. NOT my car. I can't do small with 3 sometimes 4 tornadoes in my vehicle. 
I'm so happy we're going to be in something that's going to actually FIT our family, and we can afford it! THANK GOD. 
My bedroom is going to be so big that I'm going to be able to have my treadmill in there!!! AND it wont even be loud enough to wake up the babies at nap time because they'll be ALL THE WAY across the house!!!
The only bad thing,.. that is a lie, One of the TWO drawbacks... Our soon to be neighbors to the right thought it'd be cool to take down the privacy fence... I'm assuming because it was old.. or something, but they haven't put up a new one yet. But, that got us some $$ knocked off of rent. woot woot! The other drawback, is a big one, and I get really freaked out thinking about it so I'll touch on it, and leave it alone. 
The school in that area, has 4 out of 10 stars. They ranked WAY UNDER state average on testing with Math and Reading. SO, for now, I'll be driving Jacob across town to school. I REFUSE to let him go to that school. It's a DAMN shame too, because it's super close to the house. I don't care though. My kids education is super important to me. I really get just a horrible horrible feeling about letting the kids go there. We have 3 years to get our shit in order and BUY our own house, so I can keep Jacob OUT of Lee Jr. High. The tests scores there are hideous. Shit, we've actually thought about putting the kids in an Academy here. Tuition free. Then I wouldn't have to worry about what school zone I'm in. DONE. 
That school situation really makes me feel shitty. haha

OH and another awesome thing about this house situation... They're pretty much knocking off the deposit because Allen is going to help put in 2 new windows and we're going to help paint. WHAAAAAAT!?  Praise JESUS. 

Here is how it went down. I was scrolling through Craigslist, found this house, LOVED it, emailed him, set up a time today to see the house, saw the house with the guys wife... and 2 hours later, he called us saying that his wife REALLY liked us, and she didn't want him to rent to anyone else. It's just because we're awesome. :-D 
OK... weight loss time guys. This is what you came to read right? haha.

So. I weighed myself this morning. 141.2 was the lucky number today! I've been going to curves again.. I went 3 times last week. I've yet to go this week..but we've been busy. For the next 3 days Allen gets off WAY super late, so I may not be able to go. Unless, my lovely awesome mother who hopefully is READING MY BLOG will come watch them Thursday or Friday. ;-) 

Oh... Lea Anne took Allen to the Gym Saturday.. poor guy. hahaha
He threw up when he got home. And is still sore. :D Hes super excited about next time though. I told him he didn't know what he was getting into. Lea Anne doesn't play. LOL well... really going to the gym is probably like her play ground. She was telling me about some squats she does... on top of a damn ball... holding a bar. Sounds like a broken neck to me. 

Hopefully it wont be so long between posts... I'm not going to promise anything though. Especially when WE'LL BE MOVING THIS WEEKEND! woot woot!!! 

Isn't she a damn doll?! She'll have her own PRINCESS ROOM soon!