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Friday, June 7, 2013

Gone Too Long...

It's been a very long time since my last word vomit session. A lot has happened and is going on still. Some of it is pretty damn awesome and exciting... :-D 

OK, so lets address the elephant in the room. I haven't been to Curves in a month. The last time I went, I got weighed and measured (gained a little). Here we are June 7th... I need to be weighed and measured again. Haven't done diddley squat since last month. As a matter of fact, I did everything I used to do before I lost weight to begin with. Eating horribly, or not eating all day long till supper time and then eating too much... I don't know what happened, or what clicked, but, I'm back. No more being a Lazy Lucy. I keep making the excuse that 'oh... my body just wants to rest for a while' well... a week would have been acceptable. Not 2 months. THAT is stupid. 

Here is something else stupid. I haven't started training for my Run Or Dye 5k yet. It's August 17th. I bought the tickets a good while back. What's going on here my friends is procrastination at it's finest. There is another "reason" for it though. Well... here are my excuses. 
First, my treadmill took a crap. The motor has done all it wants to do and now, I either have to sprint at lightening speeds, or walk super flippin slow. Neither of those choices fit into my routine. SO, My mom gave me her old treadmill. Awesome! It's even got incline and stuff, so I can use that too! .... Here is the second "Reason" I haven't started running...
My husband got Kidney stones on Mother's Day and has been either at work, or in pain since. Lies, there have been pain free days, but those are days we have to clean the house, or mow the lawn, or he's got side work in the garage that he's doing, or something else comes up. Anyways, I need him because I can't lift some of his crap in our garage to get the old treadmill out of the way to bring in the new old treadmill. He's a mechanic on the side, so his junk, is not light. I'm talking about motors and shit. 
Quick recap... 
Treadmill died!!! boooooooo....
Got a new old treadmill with incline! YAY!!! 
Husband sick can't move new old treadmill yet. boooooo!!!

I'm waiting for the next yay. He's got 4 days off coming up soon, and I know he's already got some side work scheduled but maybe he can squeeze that one small activity in. Too bad he doesn't read my blog. lol 

I'll start running soon. I'll only have to run in the garage for a little while too.. Jacob will go spend the summer with his "other dad" (his words) June 17th and while he's gone I'm moving my treadmill into his room so I don't have to run in 119* weather AND I can just put up the baby gate and let the kids play in their room while I run! No more being secluded to nap time. When really all I want to do for that hour is sit by myself quietly and do absolutely nothing. Just sit. In silence. 
Anyways, We dropped Allen's work insurance and got our own for 200$ less per month and all the deductibles are lower by about $1000 or more! Getting approved for it was a pain in my ass though. 

OH so Here is some more way exciting news. I've been going to a chiropractor for the past...few weeks at least. The numbness is GONE! I don't know if I had ever mentioned it on that I think about it., but my mid back was killing me for a while. Around my right shoulder blade/spine area would burn like it was on fire and then go numb...for days. I've been getting adjustments 3 times a week for the past 3 weeks, and now I'm doing 2 times a week for 4 weeks. It feels amazing. I go in, Dr. Smith adjusts me, and then he sends me back for muscle stimulation :D THAT is my favorite part. For what seems like 20 minutes or so, I get to lay on my face, hooked up to a tens unit. At first, my muscle would hardly respond to the shocks, but now... oh man it gets sore. Dr. Smith even recommended me to get a massage to help with the muscle tightness. He also said he could write me a note to get out of doing dishes. Because it starts hurting bad when I'm doing them. :) I like his thinking. I wonder if it'd work for folding laundry too....

Well.. I'll be going to Curves today I hope... depending on what time Allen gets off work today, and I'll try to keep updating my blog again! I'm back on track guys!
*found some really good strawberry jalapeno jelly to add to my toast!*