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Tuesday, August 7, 2012


What is 41.5? Whats that have to do with anything? 

THAT is the size of my abdomen, in inches. That's what it was 7/20 and that's what it STILL is right now. I'm getting SUPER annoyed with it. I'm getting angry with myself for not being more on top of things. I'm starting to 'cheat' a little more than usual.. but maybe that's because I'm more stressed? IDK but it's over today. I had fruit for breakfast with some cheese, and a water, now I'm having a small bean and cheese burrito thing from smart ones, and probably Spaghetti later. No worries there, I have my food scale that I fully tend on using from today on, and my   measuring cup. I will not be having any cheese with this meal. LOL 
Unless you're my mom and you're chewing gum, then it's super hard. LOL ;)

I need someone walking behind me constantly telling me to drink some damn water. I don't drink anything all day it seems. Then for supper it's usually tea, unless Allen gets a wild hair up his ass to make me drink water. This past weekend, I've drank only water and I feel a lot better than I did last week. Lets see if I can keep it up...Maybe I can get this stupid 41.5 to shrink. It's weird! Last week my wii fit said I'd lost 5.5 pounds. From where? Not there. Not my ass. ugh. 
That number is haunting me. 

So, today is another day, (It's Tuesday morning.) I started this blog yesterday. That's usually what I do though, I'll start a blog and get distracted by a mess or a kid making a mess and forget. Anyways... last night I was telling my local cable provider, SUDDENLINK to set up a disconnect date for Thursday and then suddenly my cable doesn't work. Looks like I'll be out of excuses to play with the kids till Wednesday afternoon when Dish Network will be here.

aaaaand now it's lunch time Tuesday afternoon. lol I'm having cantaloupe. <3. Well, I'm having half of one anyways. I don't know if I'll have time for Curves today since Allen has to go to the store after work again today. There is always something stupid we forget and have to go back for the next day. This time though, we've had to make like 8 trips because there's something small we missed the day before... Toilet paper, shaving cream, dish soap... all the things you should NEVER forget ever. Stupid crap.

I guess I'll go ahead and end the blog here.. The kids are napping, I have no cable, except the channels that the Olympics are on. Which, aren't all that bad this year. I actually enjoyed the diving and stuff. I'll go and eat my cantaloupe alone on the couch in the dark till the kids wake up. :D I'm lying, I'm going to listen to Michael Jackson and probably lift weights. lol 

Oh, and a side note, I got on my wii fit this morning, and I've gained 2.5lbs since last week... NO WONDER the 41.5 is still hanging around. Its because I LET it. UGH