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Sunday, July 1, 2012

eh. just junk.

Allen will be gone for a whole week. I sure hope they change his schedule back the way it was woo. Lol Hailey and ET act like little hooligans when hes gone. Tiny Dictators walking around...ugh. I do kinda like when Allen's gone because I tend to do better with working out and diets when hes gone. When hes home, its easier to just sit and watch Tv or play with the kids instead of working out. Lol. With him gone I can play the wii active game without listening to him whine. :).
This is super hard for me to do on this kindle. I have to use HTML for crap and just pushing enter doesn't make a new paragraph. Ugh. I cant wait to get to Curves tomorrow. I wanna lose a little more weight in the next 8 days lol. We'll be headed to Port Aransas July 10th! And coming home July 12th. I'm super excited. Hopefully the kids don't stress me out even more while were there. Its totally possible. Id blog a lot more but its driving me crazy. I NEEDS A LAPTOP!!