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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Austin TX

Jacob is in ATX till July 27th. Hes been there since the 10th of June. Stupid custody orders say hes gotta go so I suppose I have to let him. Although I'm 100% sure I miss him WAY more than he misses any of us.. Monday I have to go take some 'for kid's sake' class for the divorce to get finalized. Its only been 3 and a half years coming. Ugh.

My friend Rachel made that awesome picture for me. Whoever watches Impractical Jokers knows that reference.

This was APRIL!! Ill post a newer pic of me ...whenever. I'll try tomorrow- but I'm not making promises. I had a mini breakdown... lol that's all I can think to call it. All of our bills are paid, and July rent is paid already. But for some reason, I was freaking out. I still don't have stupid AC in the Jeep so the kids and I are home. ALL DAY. We have NO shade in the yard or id let them play outside but at 103* outside its too hot to do anything without shade. We also need to finish paying off Allen's tires before they charge all kinds of interest. O_o

well lookie there folks… its 7. That means its tome for the babies to take a bath and get the bowel to Bsd. LOL ...Oh I did Wii active today, kicked my ass. Like my legs were wobbly as shit when I was done... I loved it. <3 I love being sore from working out. It hurts like hell but feels goooooooooood. :)