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Sunday, July 29, 2012


I'm not gunna lie, I love me some Chick-Fil-A. Now a days not so much with the dieting and junk, but still, Monday through Saturday, if I were to eat out, I'd pick them. Unless I had to eat something cheap.. then its Subway. Which is usually the case.
Anyways, the recent issues with the creator.... owner guy Mr. Cathy, have annoyed me beyond belief. Yes, I do disagree with him, I believe love is love, whether it's between a man and a woman, a woman and woman, or a man and man... It doesnt matter if you love them.

I'm just sayin... I'm going to be MIGHTY pissed off if all this crap gets either of the two in my town, shut down. There is only ONE that is a drive through! (It does have two drive through windows, but still.) and the other is in the "Food Court" of our stupid and stinky mall! I'm dead serious when I say, that I'll be very angry. lol
idiots. LOL

There is also the point that I don't think boycotting a family owned business is going to "teach him a thing or two." Its going to hurt our already crumbling economy, with stores already being shut down in areas, and being refused building permits in others. Thats a lot of jobs you freaking idiots. The jobs to build the joint, the jobs to create the staff to run it... I bet you're all the same people that voted for Obama. Just some morons going with the newest fad.

Get over it.. Its food.. and its SUPER good food. No, he doesnt believe in gay marriage.. but if you found out the CEO of Bank of America thought the same, would you pull all your money from them?? What about Walmart? I know not one person would boycott a damn walmart because of this. Get over yourselvs... Everyone has an opinion, and a right to it... and I guess you could argue the fact that boycotting them is your opinion to his opinion or something, but its stupid. :)

End Rant.