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Saturday, July 28, 2012

32 Pounds and counting!

As of 7/20/2012 I am down to 160 lbs. Thats an overall weight loss of 32 lbs!  I've lost 28...almost 29 inches but I feel like im about to hit a wall.
 I put on some shorts today that are usually lose on me but they were kind of tight this morning. It's time to focus. I know I've been slacking off. Last night I ate more than usual, I could tell, I was stuffed. What makes it worse is that it was Spaghetti! I did only eat one slice of wheat garlic toast but I know I over did it with the spaghetti. :( That and I've been doing a shitty job of keeping up with drinking my water. I think I'm getting lazy because I know how hard its about to really get.
Thats what I feel like... ugh
I'm about to be super busy with Jacob going back to school, homework, Curves, my regular daily workout I do here at home, Hailey and ET being up my butt constantly, I need to find a better double stroller. One I can jog with. That way, I can drop Jacob off at school and then pop the babies in the stroller and jog around the block or something.

I'm discouraged already! I don't know whats going on with me or my motivation. I'm lacking it bad. :(
Thats what I have to remember. I've lost 32 Pounds!!! I know I can do it. I've been doing it for the past 7 months. I just have to KEEP doing it. My friend LeaAnne (also my Curves coach, but more like a friend now) has invited me to run a 5K in about 7 weeks. I really dont know if I have what it takes. So far, up to this point, my weight loss has been at my pace. I didn't really have a "goal" when I started, I just knew I wanted to be smaller. I'm scared of setting a goal and not being ABLE to finish it. 3.something miles is scary for someone who hasn't run long distance in like 10 years. and THATS NOT EVEN LONG!

For shits n gigs I ran to my moms house the other day to get the babies, and I want to make this clear, my mom literally lives AROUND the corner. I'm talking like, 4 houses maybe 5... and yeah, I was about to die when I got there. Talk about pathetic.

This whole blog feels like I'm trying to convince myself that I can keep up the good work. I'm more than halfway to where I want to be and I'm unhappy.. wtf... Maybe it's the hormone therapy I'm on.. Thats another blog for another time. =-\ Also, I'll be putting up pics and blogging about our family vacay to Mustang Island (Port A.) and Jacob's birthday is today. My biggest kiddo is 7 years told today. I can't freaking believe it.

Holy CRAP time is flying by.