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Friday, June 22, 2012

I miss it

I really miss blogging. I have done really good on my diet so far. I'm down 26lbs. And like 20.5 inches. My weight is at 166 now. I've met a lot of really inspiring people over the last few months too. LeaAnne- a coach at Curves, is just the bomb diggity. She finished a half Ironman, she rides her bike like 60+ miles a day, goes to the gym and busts ass. She is someone I definitely look up to when it comes to weight loss and advice on foods and fitness. "Water is the key" she says... and its the truth!!! When I weighed in a few months ago I set a goal with her to drink 64oz of water a day. The first month I started doin that- bam! 10lbs gone! It felt AWESOME to watch the scale go fro. 187 to 177 fa sho! I have given up on diet soda. They're the devil. Ive pretty much replaced all soda with water. I did slack off last month...which is why I think I only lost 5 lbs. Its on though..I'm back on track now dang it. I also got an awesome cruiser bike. Yes... it gets ridden. We even got a trailer for allen to carry them in on the back of his bike!