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Friday, March 20, 2015

Snacking is Stupid.

So, I've been doing good on the working out... now if I could get the SNACKING under control I'd be golden. I have to keep myself busy constantly. When I'm sitting on the couch watching TV or something with Ethan, I want to snack. Usually I'll go for pretzels... which is GREAT but... I highly doubt I'm only eating one serving. O_o Based on MyFitnessPal I'm meeting my calorie goals every day, but who knows. I'm not drinking NEAR enough water. I know that for sure. I need to get a big nice awesome water bottle. The last one I had, I would drink water constantly. Maybe I'll find something on Amazon soon. 

Monday I have to go to the hospital for a little bit of blood work, and then Tuesday I go in for my procedure. I'm kind of excited but kind of not.. The dr. was telling me that because I have my tubes tied, there is a 40% chance that this could make the pain worse. O_o He said if that happens, our only other option is a hysterectomy. Hopefully I still have some kind of insurance when that... or IF that happens I guess. 
I'll try anything though at this point. If I have to go through this before anything else can be done, then so be it. At least this dr. wants to do SOMETHING and not just throw his arms in the air because my tests all come back normal. Whatever is going on with me is NOT normal, and needs to be fixed. 

I also have a podiatry appt Friday! THAT is exciting. My foot has been KILLING me during my elliptical workouts. Imagine putting a marble in your shoe... and walking around on it all day while it's stuck in the ball of your foot. Feels real good. O_o 

I am going to try making healthy (ish) enchiladas here pretty soon too. I'm not sure how healthy they'll be but homemade stuff is usually healthier right? I'll be using non fat and low sugar and crap like that ingredients. We'll find out I guess. haha  

I'm so glad it's spring time now. I see lots of park visits with me and Ethan during the day. I can't believe he starts school this year. Gotta suck up as much play time with him as I can!