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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Long Time Coming

It's been a while since I've been able to blog! We moved into a shitty situation, and then were incredibly blessed into a new and much better situation. My weight IS SUFFERING. On top of not having my Curves.. now it's the holidays, and there is food everywhere. I'm in the process of seeing a dr. for some stupid ass crap that has been going on FOR EVER it seems... Maybe now I'll get some answers. I'm not optimistic though. At all. 

Hailey and Jacob are going to school. Hailey is in Pre K now... its so freaking weird to have her in school. No lies, I can't wait till ET man goes next year. LOL I love my kids, but after 5 years of being at home with kids non stop, I'm ready for some adult time. Job time hopefully. LOL More money time! Maybe between now and then we'll win the lotto and I won't have to get a job for my sanity. 

I still have some shitty ass internet... and we're still short on funds, so the next time I might get to really sit down and talk about whats up with my fat will be like, February. BAH! 
WiFi should be free world wide!